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What to Expect From Your First Appointment

New Patients

We see patients with different challenges, symptoms and level of discomfort.  For this reason you will see that we see new patients in a few different categories.

Chronic conditions and patients with more than spine pain

We focus on patients that have long lasting or challenging health problems.  This is usually someone that has already tried one or more treatments and now still have problems or their conditions have been determined to be a “mystery.”  If you are wondering if this fits you just ask yourself the following questions….

  1. Do you take medications and still have problems or have developed new problems?
  2. Have you already had lab tests done and told your labs are good but you still have symptoms?
  3. Have you been “cleared” and been told that it’s “all in your head?”

If you answered yes to any of these questions then you are exactly who we focus on helping her at Fry Natural Health Solutions.

“Traditional” Chiropractic Care

This is someone that has general low back, mid back and neck pain.  This does include symptoms such as pain shooting down your arm or leg or sciatica.   All patients receive a thorough examination to help determine the extent of their problem and the care needed.  Our traditional chiropractic care new patients can expect to be with Dr. Fry for approx 30 minutes once they have completed their intake paperwork.

Follow these steps below if you would like to be evaluated:

  • Fill out the form below to be contacted, or call our office at (618)252-5252 to schedule your initial evaluation.
  • Bring copies of any previous xray’s, MRI or CT radiology reports, and any lab work that has been performed within the last year.
  • During your first visit Dr. Fry will perform a consultation and examination.  He also ask all relevant questions to your case and will determine if a second visit is needed.  
  •  At your second visit Dr. Fry will review your case in detail and determine if he believe he can help you with your condition.
  •  During your second visit we will review your treatment plan and finances including any possible insurance coverage.


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Patient Forms

Get ready for your first appointment by filling out your medical history form.